Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Spiritual Weight Issues

Purity of Mind: Day 12 – What do you crave?

Psalm 119:20
My soul is starved and hungry, ravenous! - insatiable for your nourishing commands.

Eating the right things, both physically and spiritually has always been a little tough for me…its just something that I have always struggled with. I really shouldn’t struggle with either, I mean I am a dietitian, so you would hope that I would know what is good for me and what is not when it comes to food, but still I have a problem with my weight. Spiritually I have been blessed with Christian parents and a good spiritual home that is the Salvation Army, yet I still fill my mind with crap and get by with just enough good stuff to tied me over.

I think were I get caught is with the things that I like that I know aren’t good for me, for example, chocolate or ice cream, or gutter jokes, or gossip. Even though I know they aren’t good, especially not in large amounts because part of me enjoys it I do it. I wish so much that I did crave what was good for me all the time, but I am just not there yet, but God reminded me this morning that self-control is a fruit of his spirit, so the closer I get to him, the more of this fruit I will bear, and hopefully I will learn to seek the good food first.


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